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Normal Photoshop Size: $5

Buissness Cards: $3

5"x7": $5

8"x10": $5

11"x14": $5

16"x20": $5

Standard Printer Paper Size: $8

Custom Order Size: Email Me For Sizes

Ordering Information

Please Email Me at or for more information and to place an order. Or you can call or text me at (850)324-6903. Or find me in the library every morning at Pine Forest High School from 8:00 to 8:30.

Background Information

I got my Adobe Certified Photoshop CS6 Certification in 2016, my freshman year. I got my certification while in Mrs. Gillands photoshop class. I also have my Adobe Certified Premire Pro certification.

Special Events

Funerals: For $5 I can do funeral photos.

Birthdays: For $5 I can do birthday photos.

Weddings: For $8 I can do wedding photos.

Sports Events: For $5 I can do sports photos.

School Related Events: For $8 I can do school related events.

Certificates: For $5 I can specialty certificates for any occasion.